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A Multifunctional Grinder is a Good Thing to Enhance Happiness

With the improvement of the quality of life, some coffee lovers have long gone beyond the level of a cup of takeaway coffee, their mouths have become picky, and they even pursue the most essential taste of coffee.

I once heard a senior barista say this: If you have prepared 5,000 yuan to buy coffee equipment, please reserve 3,000 yuan of it for the grinder. In reality, there may be few people who allocate their budgets this way, but at least this proves that the importance of the grinder is no less than that of the coffee machine.

For coffee lovers, simply enjoying the process of brewing a cup of coffee, regardless of time and cost, is a very enjoyable and fulfilling thing.

To make a good cup of coffee, two conditions are indispensable: good coffee beans and a good grinder. However, the general household hand grinder is not only laborious but also unable to precisely control the grinding degree, losing the original flavor.

For people who frequently travel, travel, and are office workers, being able to drink a cup of hand-made hand brewing in the early morning will have an inexplicable sense of happiness and familiarity. However, hand grinding or carrying coffee grounds is more or less, so finding a suitable electric and portable grinder is the ultimate goal of many people.

You may find many similar models, but this one is one of the many brands you can trust.

The BLUEKIEE‘s grinder is small and portable, easy to operate, with only one button for grinding beans. When you want to grind beans, you just need to pour the coffee beans into the bean bin, press the grinding button to start grinding beans, and the blade stops when you let go. . Visual transparent protective cover, do not miss every moment of grinding~Wake up in the morning on a working day, have a cup of fragrant and refreshing coffee, and be full of energy throughout the day~

This BLUEKIEE electric grinder is made of food-grade materials to protect the family’s health. It uses a 304 stainless steel sharp two-way blade. The grinding surface of the blade and the cup surface is enlarged, which can crush ingredients 360°, making grinding easier and more delicate! Using a high-power motor, strong power, the powder can be produced in 6 seconds, and the coffee beans are ground finely in 18 seconds! The longer the grinding time, the finer the powder, which can meet the taste preferences of different people. From coarse to fine grinds, this grinder performs well, and for espresso, the oil is surprisingly good.

Of course, this household electric grinder can not only grind coffee beans. In many cases, our whole grains, Chinese herbal medicines, and seasonings need to be ground into powder. At this time, it is especially important to have a household grinder. Important!

Grinding of whole grains is indispensable in home life. Doing it yourself is the healthy and natural way to keep healthy! Homemade cumin powder, chili powder… Hygienic and delicious, cooking and cooking, gourmet extra points! With a household grinder, life can no longer be separated from it! The thickness can be controlled as you like, and the powder can be produced in 6 seconds, which can solve various problems in your diet and life, and make 0 good powder at home!

You and a better life are still one home away from a home grinder. The original price is $49.99, and now the special price for fans is only $18.99! Start now~

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