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Body Dents Can Be Solved Perfectly with a Small Tool in a Few Clicks!

With the increasing number of "road killers", the probability of scratches and collisions on cars is also increasing, adding a lot of trouble to car owners. Then our car has small dents, how to deal with it? 

Body dent repair is a physical method of repairing body dents. Due to the non-destructive repair, the original paint is retained, regardless of the gloss and hardness, and there is no trace of repair at all. It will be more valuable, but dent repair technology also has a lot of things to pay attention to. Let's take a look.
The full name of dent repair technology is car body dent repair, which is a kind of almost pure manual repair method. 

Dent repair techniques are not recommended in the following situations:

① For the dents that have damaged the paint surface and have been repaired;

② The dent on the edge of the sheet metal;

③ The edges and corners of the dent are too sharp and even dead ends appear;

④ The dent is produced for too long;

⑤ The inner side of the rear fender of some models is a double-layer structure, and the dent in this position cannot be repaired by the dent repair method.
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For minor dents in metallic materials, consider purchasing a Bluekiee dent repair tool. The operation is simple, the effect is good and the price is cheap. Use this method if the car's dents aren't too big. Apply glue to the dent, then put a small tool on it, and then use another tool to pull it repeatedly. After repeated pulling and pulling, the dent is repaired.
② Scalding with boiling water

If it is a bumper dent made of plastic, you can boil a pot of hot water, and then pour it on the bumper dent of the car continuously for about 5 minutes. Then push it out with your hands, and it can be restored to the original state. The entire operation takes 10 minutes.

Maybe you don't believe this is true, but it's true, it's just that this method is only suitable for plastic-type bumpers. Boil a pot of hot water and keep pouring the dented parts. After continuous showering with boiling water, the local temperature of the bumper has reached a high temperature of nearly 90 degrees. After about 5 minutes, the dented parts have changed, and the dents will gradually become smaller. At this time, strike while the iron is hot and push outwards from the inside with your hands until it fully recovers.

In the design of modern vehicles, most bumpers are made of elastic materials similar to plastic. This engineering plastic has good elasticity and certain impact resistance. In extreme cases, it can absorb and slow down the external impact force to a certain extent. effect. Of course, another advantage of this engineering plastic is that it is easy to repair, convenient for secondary painting, and boiled water can restore the sunken car body.

If you encounter iron or aluminum car dents or cracks in the bumper, the "boiling water recovery method" is not feasible.
Most of the dents can be repaired in a quick repair shop. Compared with the traditional sheet metal process, the advantages of dent repair technology are: the repair time is short, the price is relatively low, and the original car paint can be kept intact.

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