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Body Slimming Massage Tool – Exercises You Can Do Anytime

Midsummer is approaching, and the tense atmosphere of losing weight is blowing. If you don't want to exercise, you can't control your gluttonous mouth. "Having a small waist" is more like a pipe dream!

How hard is it to control weight? Accurately calculate the calorie intake of each meal, and seize every opportunity to exercise... After a period of persistence, you find that not only did you not lose weight by exercising, but instead gained weight.

How hard does your body work to keep you from losing weight?
New research explains the reason for "the more you exercise, the fatter": exercise will reduce the basal metabolic level, thereby affecting the fat-burning effect, and this phenomenon has a greater impact on obese people.

# Basal metabolism affects the body's energy consumption like this
Basal metabolism determines the minimum energy consumption to maintain the normal operation of the human body for a day.
After the metabolic level is lowered, the minimum energy consumption is reduced, and the body can work hard to "save back" the calories you consume.

The results of the study showed that people who were obese (with a higher BMI) were "offset" about half of the calories burned by exercise, and their resting metabolism was reduced by 49%. In contrast, individuals with a normal BMI had only 28% of their exercise energy "canceled".

The researchers believe that there are two possibilities for this compensatory effect:
1. Eating more because exercise increases appetite;
2. Exercise reduces the energy expenditure in other aspects of the human body, such as resting metabolism, so as to reduce the energy cost of exercise.

"The level of obesity determines individual differences in compensatory mechanisms. The more physical activity an obese person is, the lower the resting metabolic level. For example, for every extra calorie of energy consumed by an obese person exercising, they lose about half a calorie at rest." researchers said.
This may be a "pulling" conclusion for obese people. This means that it may be harder for obese people to lose weight through exercise than for thin people. Conversely, although thin people had a lower willingness to lose weight, they had much fewer compensatory effects.

The abdomen is the most accessible place to store fat and is hard to lose. If I tell you that there is a high-frequency vibration instrument, you can lose weight at any time when you put it on your body and even lose weight while lying down. To be honest, do you have any heartbeat?

According to this situation, BLUEKIEE combines the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine with modern intelligent technology and integrates a lazy massage artifact suitable for "office workers" and "big belly" - Bluekiee Abdominal Massager.

The BLUEKIEE Abdominal Massager adopts two groups of upgraded massage heads, imitating manual kneading, acupoint protection, the red light constant temperature acts on the body, and 16 massage balls act on the body acupoints accurately, which can improve gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation, flatulence, Indigestion, and other conditions, relieve physical fatigue, long-term use can reduce fat.

The abdominal massager acts on the acupoints of the human body to stimulate the meridian system, regulate the function of the body's internal organs, balance Qi and blood, relieve fatigue, and strengthen immunity.

The massager works on the acupuncture points of the abdomen. The stomach will feel hot in about 5 minutes, and the peristalsis of the stomach will be felt in about 10 minutes. If you stick to it for 15 minutes a day, you will see obvious results in about a month, and you will also find that the Stomach becomes more comfortable. Massage has a certain positive effect on improving sub-health, decompressing, and maintaining.

It is precisely because the BLUEKIEE Abdominal Massager is more convenient to operate at home, it can save time, and the effect is directly accepted by everyone. The praise of the style is enough to prove that the BLUEKIEE abdominal massager is a product favored and optimistic by the public!

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