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Do Bladeless Fans Work?

In recent years, to meet the needs of consumers, electric fans have undergone rounds of reforms. At this time, the bladeless fan appeared in front of people. The bladeless fan is also known as the air multiplier. Its outstanding feature is that it has no blades, but it can generate cool air. Once it is listed, it has been favored by many consumers.

A bladeless fan, also called an air multiplier, can generate natural and continuous cool air, and because there are no blades, it will not cover dust or hurt children's fingers. What's even more amazing is its peculiar shape, and its appearance is both streamlined and refreshing.

The air blade hand dryer inspires the product. Hand dryers force air through a small opening to "brush" the water on your hands, and air multipliers blow air out of a 1.3mm wide cut that rotates around a ring.

The bladeless fan uses the technology in jet engines and automobile turbocharging to inhale air through the air suction hole at the bottom, and an impeller hidden inside the edge of the ring ejects the air in a circular trajectory, and finally forms a non-linear flow. Intermittent cold airflow.
The biggest difference between a bladeless fan is that it does not have the "leaf" of a traditional fan. Bladeless Fans Bladeless fans utilize technologies found in jet engines and automotive turbocharging.

Inventor James Dyson himself pointed out that the engine base is the key to making a fanless fan. “We learned that having the airflow through the engine base increases the airflow multiplication effect, and of course, that’s where the idea of ​​a bladeless fan became a reality. This way you create turbulence-free air and Finally got rid of the fan blade.

So what are the advantages of bladeless fans?


We all know that traditional fans use blades to cut the wind, which is very easy to cut children's fingers and has certain safety hazards. The bladeless fan has no blade rotation, and the safety factor is higher. The air supply of the bladeless fan is done by pressurizing the air. Therefore, the bladeless fan is superior to the ordinary fan in terms of safety performance.

If you have children, elderly people, or pregnant women at home, it is recommended to buy if you are more concerned about their health and safety; we all know that ordinary fans use the high-speed rotation of the blades to complete the air supply task. Every year, children are injured by the fan blades because of curiosity. 's report. In addition, the bladeless fan is not as top-heavy as the traditional fan, so it is more stable to place and more secure for families with children.


The blade structure of the traditional fan is very inconvenient to clean in life, because many steps are required, and it needs to be disassembled, cleaned, reinstalled, checked, and so on. The bladeless fan does not need to be disassembled and cleaned. When cleaning, use a cotton cloth to wipe it, which can be completed in a few seconds, which is more time-saving, trouble-free, and convenient. For those of you who are bothered to clean the leaves of the fan and are unwilling to move, the bladeless fan is also easier to carry out daily cleaning work than the ordinary electric fan because it has no blades, which is also one of the main advantages of the bladeless fan.


The bladeless fan is optimized by air multiplication technology, and it is 100% natural wind blowing in front of the human body, which contains oxygen ions. Especially for pregnant women, when the weather is hot, blowing the air conditioner is easy to get sick, and the fanless fan has good protection for pregnant women and babies.


Because traditional fans use blades to cut the air to push airflow, this airflow will produce a dramatic wind shock when it blows against the human body, which is unstable and makes people feel uncomfortable. The bladeless fan feels cooler with a constant flow of air, without the slightest impact, for a smoother and more comfortable feel.


For those who have requirements for the appearance of home design, the shape of bladeless fans is simpler and more fashionable than ordinary fans. Some high-quality bladeless fans even have a certain decorative effect at home.

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