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Holographic Reflective Basketball Ball Wear-Resistant Luminous Night Light Ball Basketball Glowing Basketball Ball With Bag Pin

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Name: Crossway Basketball Ball Size: Official Size 7 Color: Reflective white, Reflective black, Dazzle black Material: PU, Rubber Features: Street Freestyle, Wear-Resistant Package includes:1*Basketball Ball+2*Needle+1*Net Pocket+1*Bag

Liposuction Machine VE Sport Body Belly Arm Leg Fat Burning Body Shaping Slimming Massage Fitness At Home Office

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Description:    This product is based on physics, bio-electricity, ergonomic combined with high-tech sports modem microelectronic technology developed body sculpting products. It is controlled by a micro-processor, set SIX different sets of auto body sculpting mode program, different organisms produce pulse frequency and intensity,these security pulse wave will stimulate the body motor neurons, make the muscle shrink and moving, make the muscles consume excess calories when moving. This way do not went to consuming force and time like the other training methods.It will not increase the burden on the liver and kidney as like oral products. Simple consuming in oxygen-rich environment, the fat layer, effectively break down fat, consume excess calories. Easy to create impressive figure. Features: 6 massage modes and 10 adjustable powers to meet different body shaping and slimming needs. Multi-purpose machine with dredge, superconductivity, broken fat, fat burning and body shaping functions. It works on whole body: arm, leg, waist, back, buttock fat burning and reducing. Silent machine without motor allows you use when working, relaxing, sleeping and even doing yoga, etc. Physical principle without side effect, safely to shape and slim body.
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