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Ems Intelligent Sleep Device Microcurrent Sleep Aid Instrument Pressure Relief dormir Fast Sleep Rest Hypnosis Insomnia Artifact

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  1. CES Therapy:
  2. Stimulate nerve cells to secrete neurotransmitters related to insomnia, regulate abnormal brain activity, and achieve the effect of treating insomnia. There are no drug side effects and no dependence. A new treatment for insomnia.
  3. 【Quick sleep aid】This sleeping aid machine mainly helps people who have insufficient sleep and poor psychological quality to fall asleep as soon as possible. It stimulating neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex through micro current, reduce your anxiety and help you to sleep soundly. It can help you fall asleep quickly or concentrate through brain waves instead of sound. That's a good helper if you have trouble falling asleep and waking up.
  4. 【Physical Harmony & No Drugs】The sleep aid device applies TSNS stimulation wave to increase endorphin secretion. Stay away from sleep pills, get rid of insomnia easily and painlessly through physical therapy. It stimulate acupuncture points, promote relaxation and release pressure, and improve your sleeping quality.
  5. 【Two Working Mode】Two available modes of operation, low-frequency decompression mode and high-frequency inspire mode. Just press the (M) button to adjust the mode, rotate the top to increase or decrease the intensity. Turn on power and choose the frequency that suits your body sensation, 15 minutes a day to relieve headaches, let you get rid of insomnia, anxiety, anxiety, sleep depression, insomnia.
  6. 【 USB Rechargeable & Timing Design】The product will automatically turn off after 15 minutes, 15 minutes a cycle to help you quickly fall asleep. It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge since the USB fast charging port design, can be used about 50 times. Conveniently charge it and easily asleep during a business trip or journey. Note: Please read the instructions carefully before use.
  7. 【Portable & Safe】This machine is approved with all kinds of quality standards such as CE, FCC, KC and ROHS. Its weight is only 55g, extremely light weight and easy to carry on a business trip or journey. Perfect gift for your friends and family who suffer from sleeping problem.

Microcurrent Pulse massage Stimulation Hypnosis Sleep Aid Insomnia Device CES Relieve Mental Eliminate Anxiety Child Adult Relax

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   Provide CES(Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) treatment to apply pulsed, low-intensity current to the "Laogong acupoint" in the palm of the hand, which will increase the secretion of endorphin in the brain and block the transmission of pain nerves to easily relieve your headache, tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue and effectively help reduce sleep disturbances like insomnia and improve overall sleep quality. One sleep aid device, two efficient uses 1. Usually used to help sleep; 2. Daily use, relax your mood anytime, anywhere!

Sleep Aid Device Hand-held Micro-current Intelligent Sleep Instrument Anxiety Depression Fast Sleep Insomnia Artifact

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Effectively help you fall asleep and improve their sleep quality. 1.Beautiful body, comfortable and skin-friendly experience. 2.Aesthetic science, ergonomic design. 3.Lightweight and portable, it is easy to carry.    

USB Charging Microcurrent Holding Sleep Aid Instrument Hypnosis Instrument Massager and Relax Pressure Relief Sleep Device

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1. Using this product can stimulate neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex through micro currents, thereby regulating emotions and promoting sleep. 2. Small and convenient, you can carry it with you. 3. The battery capacity is 300mAh, USB is convenient for charging, it can be connected to the computer's USB port, mobile power, power supply and other charging methods. 4..Suitable for people with insomnia, overthinking, etc.