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Beauty Massager Anti-wrinkle Massage Facial SPA Face Care Machine

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Multifunction Seven Color Light Facial Mask Cosmetology Instrument Product Description Product Function When your skin is yellow, dull, acne, shiny face, and you are lazy and go to the beauty salon, this beauty instrument is a good choice for you. It has 7 colors of LED light You can choose according to your own needs. This machine mainly helps you Smooth wrinkles, control oil and acne, beautify skin and clean face Improve dullness, whiten and brighten skin, fade fine lines, remove acne marks Red promotes healing and regeneration, reduces neuropathic pain, and improves bone healing Reduce training fatigue Reduce inflammation Blue is used for acne treatment and prevention For the treatment and prophylaxis of Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA Routine first aid Green reduces skin oil secretion, balance the proportion of water and oil, relax mental tension, dredge lymphatic and drainage edema Yellow improves the antioxidant enzyme system Antidepressant and pain relief benefits Improves serotonin and vitamin D production Improves hormone function Improve microcirculation, regulate cell activity, fade freckles, whiten skin
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Cordless Electronic Skipping Rope Gym Fitness Cordless Skipping Smart Jump Rope with LCD Screen Counting Speed Skipping Counter

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1. The digital wireless jumping rope comes with a built in timer, calorie and jump counter and will help you to lose weight fast without the need for skill or coordination. 2. The jump rope gives you all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jump rope but without the hindrance of the rope. 3. The wireless skipping rope is great for professionals or homebodies alike, looking for the most effective exercise method but who do not want to swing a rope around their property and something. 4. The digital cordless skipping rope now gives you the freedom to continue with your favorite exercise routine. 5. Simple, space-saving, anywhere jump, do not go cold days and then moving in a small space can achieve your dream.

Electric Face Pore Cleaner Cosmetic Instrument Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Nose Face Deep Cleansing Skin Care Machine

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This blackhead remover changes the traditional blackhead suction method, vacuum-blackhead-suction device. Deep cleansing, tensioning, pore constriction, three modes to repel blackheads. 3 kinds of suction heads, one-machine multi-purpose, to meet the needs of different parts. 3 strength levels, effective skin cleansing. Physical suction blackhead, dredge pores, remove dirt. LCD screen display, display the grade control, more intuitive Small size and easy to use, suitable for kinds of people.  

EMS Facial Beauty Device Machine for Promote Face Cream Absorption Face Moisturizing Tightening Skin Firming Wrinkles Skin Care

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   When using ordinary masks, due to the shielding effect of the stratum corneum of human skin, about 90% of the nutrients and 70% of the water are not absorbed by the skin and are wasted. This product uses micro- current introduction technology to accelerate the movement of active ions under the action of electrodes, helping skin cells to absorb nutrients more easily and quickly, and at the same time balance the ph of the skin. The main effects are as follows: appromote the absorption of nutrients by the skin; Help the nutrients in skin care products penetrate deep into the skin and Balance skin pH, reduce wrinkles, wake up the skin, and make the skin ot more shiny; Ancient: . Reduce pigmentation, lighten spots, lift and tighten skin, shrink skin pores; . Speed up metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, slow down skin aging and wrinkles. In addition to the use of micro-current to achieve the super-import function. this product also presets three different electric pulse frequency ratios and output power adjustments according to the individual differences of each person's skin, so as to achieve a better experience of massage, Lifting, firming, etc., as a whole effect, can be customized by changing the working mode and adjusting the intensity.
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EMS Facial Lifting Device LED Photon Therapy Face Slimming Vibration Massager Double Chin V Line Lift Belt Cellulite Jaw Device

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Features: 1.Red infrared ray provides hot compress, can promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, skin repairing. 2.Blue ray therapy can relieve skin inflammation, calm the skin, clean and sterilize the skin, reduce acne, wrinkles and scars, shrink pores. 3.There are 5 optional modes including automatic, massage, knead, needle, thrash, with red light alternating with blue light therapy. 4.Offer 10 vibration levels to help relax facial muscles, improve the strength of micro muscles, increase the flexibility of the face, fully lift and tighten facial muscles, and shape face. 5.The device gets fully charged in 2 hours and can support 12-15 times of use. The device will auto shut down in 15 minutes.
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Home Use Blue Light Rf Vaginal Rejuvenation Vagina Tightening Massage Machine Personal Care

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Functional principle of pelvic floor muscle physiotherapy instrument

1. Microwave pulse function

  a. Promote stimulation of nerve excitation conduction through pulsed microwave;

b. Change the state of muscle contraction and relaxation;

  c. Long-term use to change the structure and function of the organization to achieve the rehabilitation effect.


2. Vibration function

  a. The specific amplitude stimulates the surrounding muscles to produce a stress response;

b. Enhance the elastic function of muscle fibers.


3. Blu-ray function

  a. Has anti-inflammatory effects;

  b. Under the action of blue light, it can reduce the production of free fatty acids such as inflammatory molecules;

c. It can promote the proliferation and recovery of fibroblasts.

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