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180pcs Light Chips Laser Hair Regrowth Hat Gray Hair Promoter Regrow Fast Treatment Cap Hair Growth Devices Laser Helmets

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1. Low energy infrared light awakens the hair follicle to be sensitively irradiated automatically. Infrared light penetrates the scalp and directly acts on the hair follicle to nourish the hair root and reproduce the healthy hair follicle. 2. The scientific laser probe can activate the hair follicle to regenerate. The deep part of the hair follicle is rich in melanin, which can absorb the laser at 650nm. 3. Effectively prevent the hair from falling off, circulate healthy hair, repair the hair quickly, make the hair thicker, denser and tougher. 4. Contains 180pcs professional laser irradiation points, scientific average distribution of laser light, all covering the scalp, laser head emission wavelength is accurate, give the hair follicle more powerful energy, achieve hair growth effect. 5. Helmet designs, maximum scalp coverage, red light energy covering the entire scalp. USB interface charging on the back of helmet, easy and convenient.
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