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Glitter Lip Gloss Lipstick Shiny DIY Lip Gloss Diamond Waterproof Long Lasting Lipgloss Kit With Lip Primer Lip Tint Lips Makeup

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1、Glitter Lip Gloss Set: You can use the glitter lip gloss to create perfect shiny lips. The package of the lip set includes lip gloss primer, brilliant glitter and applicator brush. 2、Three-Dimensional Lip Shape: The lip glaze creates a gorgeous and shiny lip effect without leaving a dry or mottled appearance. 3、Long-Lasting Makeup: Shiny lips last for 8 hours with a unique gorgeous sparkle. 4、A Shade for Everyone: There are 2 different shades to choose from, and everyone can use the color. 5、How to Use: First apply lip gloss primer on the lips. When the primer is half dry, apply lip gloss glitter on the lips with a brush, and remove excess powder with a brush.