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LLLT Hair Growth Regrowth Helmet Reduce Hair Loss Cap Hair Treatment Hair Fast Regrowth Laser Cap

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How often is it used and how often does it work? Use every other day for 30 minutes each time. Use 2-4 weeks to achieve oil control for hair, 2-3 months to strengthen hair roots, suppress hair loss, and 3-6 months can clearly see hair growth. Who is not applicable? The LLLT laser can only act on the hair follicles that are still alive. If the hair follicles are completely necrotic or there is no hair follicle on the scalp, there is no way to play a role. Is it safe to use? The LLLT laser hair generator has passed double certifications from China's CFDA and the US FDA to ensure product safety and efficacy. The 3R low energy laser used is widely used in dermatology and other hospital treatment applications. What types of hair loss are applicable? LLLT laser hair generator is suitable for seborrheic alopecia, stress alopecia, alopecia areata, postpartum alopecia, repair after hair transplantation, both men and women. Why do I lose more hair after using the hair growth cap? Hair growth is cyclical, going through the growth phase of hair follicles (2-6 years)-regression phase (2-3 weeks)-rest period (2-3 months)-growth phase (2-6 years) The cycle is constant. People with hair loss have more hair in the degenerative and resting periods. The LLLT laser can penetrate the dermis layer 3-5mm and directly stimulate the mitochondria, which promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate in the mitochondria. More ATP means more efficient hair follicle metabolism, so that Hair follicles are accelerated away from the regression and rest periods.  
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