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[Tool Recommendation] Easy-To-Use BLUEKIEE Digital Angle Ruler

Ruler, as one of the most commonly used tools in daily life, is almost a must for everyone! Although it is inconspicuous, in the hands of different professionals, it plays an important role unmatched by other tools. However, some traditional angle rulers are far from meeting the needs of our daily work.


✘ It is inconvenient to measure a single angle — NO!

✘ The measurement reading is laborious and inaccurate — NO!

✘ Inaccurate line drawing in design drawing — NO

If there is such a ruler, which can measure both length and angle easily, as well as LCD high-definition digital display, accurate and fast reading... One ruler can be used for multiple purposes, and it can easily meet various measurement needs. Would you be excited?

With technological innovation, the current electronic digital display technology is more and more recognized by the market. Today, I will share with you the BLUEKIEE digital angle ruler. Using it, you will have full confidence in your adjustment and let you play well. More professional and scientific!

The BLUEKIEE tool digital level is designed for accurate measurement and can be read accurately even in dim environments. The spirit level uses the principle of the level of the liquid level, directly displays the angular displacement with the level bubble, and measures the degree of deviation of the measured surface relative to the horizontal, vertical, and inclined positions.
Architectural drawing, students taking classes, carpentry marking, decoration measurement, etc... everything you can think of, can help you, students, designers, carpenters, and engineers can't do without it!

Check and transfer angle measurements easily and accurately with Bluekiee's compact magnetic digital angle locator. This digital angle finder allows a full range of 0-225° to measure the internal angle, external angle & Contra angle Measuring precision is ±0.5°, and resolution is 0.05°. You can switch between degrees and minutes to improve the measurement accuracy, and meet your requirements for different accuracy, in both absolute and relative measurements, making your job go faster and more accurately. It features an automatic LCD backlight for easy visibility, and the reading will automatically invert when you're taking overhead measurements. This angle locator comes with a soft-sided pouch to keep it clean and safe when not in use.
The protractor has metric(mm) and imperial(inch) measurements on the ruler edge, plus an accurate digital readout can measure both angle and length. Clear and instinctive green acrylic bubbles with top views, letting you read plumb, level, and 45 degrees easily, provide maximum readability and the aluminum alloy frame ensures durability and long-lasting. Horizontal and vertical bubble levels help you to check and calibrate (NOTE: It Will NOT Show Up on LED, Just Only Assist You to Determine).

Pressing the hold button to hold the measurement at any angle helps the users effectively record the angle values. Convenient & easy to measure by operating the central lost / hold button for locking the angle finder. With a hole for easy hanging and free carry. The lock angle feature helps maintain accuracy ideal for use in woodworking, construction, or drawing.
Super endurance enables it to work continuously for more than 2000 hours. Digital angle Finder automatic power-off function, save power consumption and extend battery life. The protractor is equipped with a large LED for easy reading.

BLUEKIEE digital angle finder tools will bring reliability and convenience to your work. Suitable for the woodworker, home furnishings, framing, custom furniture building, stair and patio construction, flooring, tiling, and many woodworking, carpentry and contractor needs in the field.360°internal and external angle measurement, you can keep the data at any position to facilitate the reading after measurement.

1. 225°internal and external angle measurement, you can keep the data at any position to facilitate the reading after measurement.
2. Great Locking Feature - The tight/loose knob works well and you can set the Angle Finder to the tightness that suits your use.
3. The full-screen super large LCD displays the measurement data, making the reading simple and convenient.
4. Fine-textured engineering materials, lightweight, wear-resistant, non-deformed, non-scratch.

Our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service. So you can rest assured. There’s no worry to buy the product. Please get in touch with us first if you have any questions about the digital angle finder ruler. We provide 24-hour customer service.

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