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Ultrasonic Mites Remover, 24-hour Repellency Rate ≥ 97.6% for Lazy People to Remove Mites!

Some time ago, I didn’t know what was going on. I started to have acne on my face, and I always felt itchy on my back and scalp. I often felt that there were small bugs crawling on my body, but after searching carefully, I found nothing. This feeling is especially strong when I go to sleep at night. The skin is not in good condition, and there are many small pimples on the body. I have no energy during the day, and my work efficiency has dropped.

Thinking that I usually pay attention to hygiene, and suddenly such symptoms appear. It’s really baffling. I checked some information and found that many people have this phenomenon. It turns out that this is all [mites] doing the trick!

Just because you can’t see mites doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Because it is very small, with a diameter of no more than 0.5 mm, it is difficult to find it with the naked eye. But the mites are not big, and the harm is not small. Mites are one of the strongest known allergens, and their corpses, larvae, and excrement can irritate human skin.

There are many problems caused by mites, itchy skin, acne, chapped skin, chicken skin, as well as dermatitis, acne, and other problems, many of which are caused by mites! There are also, particularly headaches for hair loss and dandruff, which are also inseparable from mites.

Mites reproduce fast and have strong survivability. Hundreds of thousands of mites may be crawling around on seemingly clean sheets and quilts. Not only the bed but many corners of the home, wardrobes, sofas, carpets, and even air conditioners may become the base camp for mites to breed. According to the survey, 80% of childhood asthma is caused by an allergy to dust mites. If we do not remove mites in time, mites will always surround us. In the long run, the consequences will be disastrous.

Generally speaking, when it comes to removing mites, everyone will think of drying, but the drying can only work on the mites on the surface. For example, the mites in the quilt are hidden in cotton. As long as they do not come out, there is nothing to do. And not everything can be used for drying, what about air conditioners, wardrobes, carpets, and sofas? So have to think of another way.

How does the UV mites remover work? In fact, its principle is similar to that of sun exposure. It can only kill mites on the surface of objects, and the time used is too short, and the effect is not as good as sun exposure. At this time, an ultrasonic mite removal instrument is needed. As long as it is plugged in, millions of mites will be tortured by the “ultrasonic wave” generated by it to automatically escape or “die”.

A proper mite removal tool for lazy people and the effect is continuous and unabated, unlike the mite removal stickers that will fail after a long time, and do not need to be replaced regularly! Simply save money and effort! !!

Why does it get rid of mites? The multi-frequency stereo wave makes the mites feel timid when they hear the “sound”. Its principle can be simply divided into three steps:

The first step: high-frequency sound waves, and repeated stimulation. The mite removal instrument can emit ultrasonic waves above 20000Hz, which cannot be heard by human ears and will not be harmed. But mites are very sensitive to this kind of sound waves, and once they are stimulated by ultrasonic waves, they will scatter and escape.

The second step: is intelligent frequency conversion, and fancy hanging. The built-in AI smart chip in the mite remover will change the sound frequency every ten seconds or so, and play from 20000Hz to 50000Hz in a loop. Under the torment of ultrasonic waves of different frequencies, the mites either choose to escape as soon as possible or wait for the nervous system to be destroyed and die.

The third step: guard all day, and eradicate mites. As long as the mite remover is plugged in and the switch is turned on, it will immediately enter the working state and emit mite removal sound waves for 24 hours.

All the mites in the house escape according to the sound, and the mites outside dare not come in again, so you can easily get rid of the trouble of mites and let them sleep peacefully.

You don’t have to do it yourself, you can get rid of mites with electricity. Arrange the two bedrooms and living room at home. After a while, you will find that you won’t be itchy all over your body when you sleep, not only will your skin gradually stop getting pimples, but your face and head will not be so oily when you wake up in the morning. Of course, such a useful black technology product is recommended to you!

Bluekiee’s ultrasonic mite removal device is very small and simple to plug into the socket. The key is not to use 1 kWh of electricity for a month. The price is cheap. It is recommended that you start with a few more, which are used in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, etc. so that mites have nowhere.

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