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Ultrasonic Washing Machine, Time-Saving, and Labor-Saving, for Lazy People

Before going out on a trip, you always have to worry about which one to bring with so many beautiful clothes? It is midsummer now, and moving a little during the day is like doing a steaming SPA, and the smell of sweat on my clothes is unbearable. Laundry is not something we do every day, but it also takes up a lot of our time and energy. Today, the pace of work and life is getting faster and faster, and the efficiency of laundry needs to be solved urgently.

At the end of the day, dragging a tired body and bowing by the small pool. Especially when encountering those nasty stubborn stains, yellow sweat stains on the neckline, food oil stains, wine stains, foundation lipstick stains, no matter how you rub it, you can't get rid of it, you're angry!

In order to solve such a large demand, all walks of life are working hard, whether it is the updated washing machine, or the recently very hot laundry companies are trying to reduce the time and energy people spend on laundry.

In fact, so many annoying problems can be solved by a small technology. The Bluekiee Mini Wash ultrasonic washing machine adopts the new ultrasonic vibration technology.

     Ultrasonic vibration cavitation

The sound people hear is a sound wave signal with a frequency of 20-20000Hz, and the sound wave above 20000Hz is called ultrasonic. The transmission of sound waves propagates longitudinally according to a sinusoidal curve, resulting in a large number of small bubbles. Ultrasonic cleaning technology has always been used to clean very delicate objects, such as high-end jewelry, fine watches, precision laboratory equipment, and glasses. The dirt hidden in the small crevices can be thoroughly cleaned, and at the same time, the object itself can be kept intact.

When the ultrasonic washing machine is started, the sound energy carried by the ultrasonic wave continues to arouse and explode countless micron-sized bubbles in the water. The bursting process of each bubble will cause an instantaneous high temperature of up to 1000 atmospheres, thereby shaking, emulsifying, peeling off dirt, and deep cleaning. Clothes, easily remove 99% of bacteria.

     Imitation hand-shaped pulsator

Ordinary washing machines vibrate violently, resulting in serious entanglement of clothes. When they are taken out to dry, they cannot be shaken, so the wear rate of clothes is high, and there are many dead spots in the laundry. To be honest, except for bulky clothes that cannot be washed, most of the time Prefer to hand wash. And this ultrasonic washing machine is designed with a hand-shaped rubbing pulsator, which refuses the "violent washing" of the washing machine, and tries the "hand care" of Mini, which is meticulous and gentle and wears out small clothes.

     Forward and reverse interaction, anti-winding

Using DD direct drive variable frequency motor, the laundry turbine is the first to install forward and reverse. When washing with electricity, the turbine rotates forward for 15 seconds, and switches to reverse for 15 seconds. Such interactive and meticulous rubbing can not only achieve the effect of hand washing but also well Prevent clothing from entanglement.

     Intelligent interactive switching, timing shutdown protection

After 5 minutes of turbine operation, switch to ultrasonic washing for 1 minute, and so on to fully disintegrate the stain. After 30 minutes, when the washing is completed, the Bluekiee Mini washing machine will automatically shut down, which is safe, intelligent, and worry-free. When you wake up, your clothes are washed.

     Bluekiee mini portable multi-purpose machine

The original design of the ultrasonic washing machine is to provide convenience for people who are outside the door, so it is very important to be small and portable. This washer has a diameter of 130mm, a height of 53mm, and a weight of only 250g. You only need to leave a place for a mobile phone in the suitcase. You can even put it in your pocket and you can leave.

No matter the washbasin, sink, or bathtub, attach the washing machine to the side, put in the right amount of water and clothes, plug in the power supply and you can wash it automatically. For laundry, a basin of water rinsing is enough. The most important thing is that the water entry is only 45DB, which is almost silent, so whether it is at home or in a hotel, there is no need to worry about disturbing others.

Fruits are indispensable in daily life, but pesticide residues on fruits are also a headache. Usually, you can only rub and wash it several times with water. With this ultrasonic washing machine, you can put the fruit in and wash it, not to mention how clean it is, and you will feel more at ease when you eat it!

The Bluekiee Mini Ultrasonic Washer is a real-life hack. Help us solve the problem of laundry washing, free our hands and save time. When you have free time, take more rest and read books to accompany your family and friends, and your happiness index will rub!

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