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Unspeakable postpartum, 5 actions are easy to solve!

Urine leakage is the pain of millions of female compatriots, in the final analysis, there is still a problem with the pelvic floor muscles! When it comes to pelvic floor muscles, the first few entries implanted in our brains are postpartum urine leakage, relaxation, and sexual disharmony... Where is this pelvic floor muscle sacred? What does it do to our body? How to maintain it? For this pelvic floor muscle, today we are ready to have a good chat with you!
Unspeakable postpartum, 5 actions are easy to solve!

     Female pelvic floor muscle relaxation is not just as simple as leaking urine, it affects women in all aspects:

☆   When coughing, sneezing, lifting heavy objects, exercising, or laughing, you cannot hold back your urine.
☆ Postpartum vaginal relaxation and the vagina makes a "puff" sound during intercourse.
☆ Low libido, sexual pain, orgasm disorders, and other sexual life disharmonies.
☆ The pelvic cavity has a feeling of pressure, bulge, or pain, and the cause cannot be found.
☆ A feeling of bulging in the lower abdomen, or prolapse of a "fleshly" mass in the vaginal opening or vagina.
☆ Urgency, frequent urination, incomplete urination, and difficulty/delay in urination caused by non-urinary tract infection.
☆ There is pressure or soreness in the lumbosacral region.
☆ Constipation, difficulty in defecation.
Because the pelvic floor has many muscles and fascia like a tough and powerful dense mesh, supporting the bladder, uterus, vagina, rectum, and other organs in the pelvic cavity. When these muscles and fascia are damaged, this dense mesh cannot adequately support these organs, and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction appear. Unexpectedly, the muscles that we can't see or touch at ordinary times have multiple functions and silently coordinate our daily life.
Unspeakable postpartum, 5 actions are easy to solve!

     However, it would be unfair if the responsibility for the disharmony of married life is all shirked on women! After all, if the male pelvic floor muscles have problems, they will also:

★   The slack and weak pelvic floor tissue reduce or even has no sexual pleasure, and it is impossible to maintain the feeling of masculinity and orgasm.
★ Urinary incontinence
★ Overactive bladder (a syndrome characterized by symptoms of urinary urgency, often accompanied by symptoms of frequent urination and nocturia, with or without urge incontinence, which significantly affects the patient's daily life and social activities.)

And studies have found that when men's pelvic muscles become stronger and more coordinated, it can also improve symptoms such as erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction. So even if the husband and wife's life is not harmonious, both men and women are responsible! It's 2022, don't put trumped-up charges on women anymore! From women's appearance, and body anxiety, to shameful things, they are all posted in advertisements to mock and mock. I hope that the majority of women can stand in front of the mirror and confidently say to every part of themselves: I am beautiful! Don't be deceived by such mindless marketing to empty your wallet.
Unspeakable postpartum, 5 actions are easy to solve!
Of course, this does not mean that pelvic floor muscle problems are left unchecked. After all, it is your own body, you must learn to love yourself first~ You must know that childbirth is only one of the reasons for the problems of the pelvic floor muscles! Although 25%-55% of pregnant women have symptoms of urinary incontinence; 34.3% have urinary incontinence 3 months after delivery. But aging, obesity, the second or third child, pelvic surgery, long-term abdominal pressure: constipation, long-term cough, asthma, etc. can also cause urine leakage!
Seeing this, female friends are about to cry. Is leakage of urine the ultimate fate of women? Is it a matter of sooner or later? Of course not! In order to prevent urine leakage, Keda has compiled a set of home training tips for maintaining the pelvic floor muscles! If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you must practice the following secrets to the pinnacle!

     Speaking of which, these exercise methods are very simple. If you keep practicing with your teammates, there may be new surprises!

Unspeakable postpartum, 5 actions are easy to solve!

1. Kegel
The specific method is: contract the vagina, hold for 10 seconds, relax for 10 seconds, repeat 20-50 times/group, then alternate between rapid contraction and relaxation within 60 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and train for 3-5 groups.

Repeat 2-3 sets a day, 3-5 days a week, anytime, anywhere. (It doesn't matter if you can't hold it for 10 seconds in the beginning, you can take it slowly)

Exercises that can be done while standing, sitting, or lying down, especially for girls at work, are simply the first choice!

        2.     Hospital equipment

Remember that professional rehabilitation treatment is usually done in the hospital, 15-30 minutes each time, and master the correct practice method under the guidance of the doctor and the feedback of the instrument. If you have the money and time, it is recommended to do it, but it cannot be maintained by this alone. Remember, daily exercise is king. Just like exercise, no one can fight muscle aging for a lifetime after exercising for a month. The same is true!
Unspeakable postpartum, 5 actions are easy to solve!

       3.     Vaginal dumbbells

Don't think this thing is very colorful and shameful. We lift dumbbells when we train our arms, and we have elastic rings when we train our hips. It is a dumbbell used for exercising the vagina, and its main function is to train the muscles of the pelvic floor muscles.

The method of use is also very simple. Before use, wash the vaginal dumbbells with hand sanitizer and then dry them. Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to the ball, lie flat on the bed, hold the drawstring at one end, and insert the ball into the vagina to the depth of about a finger. After the vaginal dumbbell enters the vagina, the muscles of the vagina respond and contract. And it is very convenient. You can also carry out daily activities with it, let the vaginal dumbbells stay in the vagina for 10-20 minutes, and pay attention to prevent the dumbbells from falling off during the period. After exercising, gently pinch the drawstring, take out the vaginal dumbbell, clean it, and put it in the storage box after drying.
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       4.     Exercise

10 reps/set of each exercise, do two or three sets a day! Remember to persevere, you can punch in the barrage!

       5.     Abdominal breathing

  • Lie flat on the bed or yoga mat, relax your body, and keep your arms close to your sides.
  • Then put one hand on the chest and the other hand on the abdomen, inhale for 4 seconds, expand the belly, exhale for 6 seconds, contract the belly, and feel all the muscles moving closer to the belly button.
  • Slowly form a rhythm, inhale and exhale 6 times per minute, 10-20 minutes a day, after a period of time, you can achieve obvious results.
    Abdominal breathing
     In addition to the above practice methods, there are two aspects to pay attention to in life:

      1. Weight control

When it comes to this, everyone must be familiar with it. After all, everyone is either in the process of losing weight or planning to lose weight. It is recommended that you keep your mouth shut and open your legs, control your weight, and avoid increasing the burden on the pelvic floor muscles due to excess weight.

2.Avoid excessive abdominal pressure

Correct and improve the cause of excessive abdominal pressure in time, such as cough, and constipation;

Excessive exertion such as holding a child or lifting heavy objects for a long time;

Sitting on a small bench, using squatting and other postures;

Actions such as standing or walking for long periods of time.

     Everyone, hurry up and practice!





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